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2019 Kona Colour Chart Add-On - Kona Solids - Craft de Ville

Kona Solids

2019 Kona Colour Chart Add-On



This is the newest 25 Kona Colour card Add-On
If you would like a fat quarter bundle of these lovely new beauties, click here!

RK-product K001-1838 K001-1838 CHILI RK-product K001-1848 K001-1848 MARMALADERK-product K001-1839 K001-1839 CLEMENTINE RK-product K001-1849 K001-1849 NACHO CHEESE 

RK-product K001-1835 K001-1835 BANANA PEPPER RK-product K001-1846 K001-1846 LEMON ICE

RK-product K001-1856 K001-1856 SUMMER PEAR RK-product K001-1843 K001-1843 GECKO

RK-product K001-1840 K001-1840 DILL RK-product K001-1836 K001-1836 BOTANICAL

RK-product K001-1834 K001-1834 BALSAM RK-product K001-1842 K001-1842 FERNDALE 

RK-product K001-1852 K001-1852 SEA MIST RK-product K001-1833 K001-1833 ALOHA

RK-product K001-1853 K001-1853 SEASCAPE RK-product K001-1845 K001-1845 HARBOR 

RK-product K001-1857 K001-1857 VELVET RK-product K001-1850 K001-1850 ORCHID ICE

RK-product K001-1841 K001-1841 DRAGON FRUIT RK-product K001-1855 K001-1855 SUEDE

RK-product K001-1851 K001-1851 OTTER RK-product K001-1844 K001-1844 GRIZZLY

RK-product K001-1847 K001-1847 LIGHTHOUSE RK-product K001-1854 K001-1854 SHARK 

RK-product K001-1837 K001-1837 CHALKBOARD

Here is a link to Robert Kaufman site to see all the colours.  

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