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The East Wind Wyrm is a standing dragon sewn with a belly and face mask made from stretch velour fabric. You will be creating an armature wire skeleton, stuffing the doll and the trapunto work on the belly and mask, attaching the hematite (stone or glass) bead eyes and sewing eyelids. The finished dragon can be embellished with sequins, glass and shell beads - as many or as few as you desire.

Approximate finished size:
10"x 15" (25 cm x 38 cm)

This Stuff & Go kit includes pre-sewn and turned dragon body, head and face mask, 4 legs, extra fabric for the eyelids, 2 x 10mm beads for the eyes, 2 Czech claw beads for the teeth and 12 for claws, 2 shells for horns and an assortment of  beads for embellishment. A printed copy of the pattern and instructions is also included.

To complete your East Wind Wyrm, you will need a few extra supplies:

Poly-fil stuffing (*comes with a stuffing stick included!)
Stuffing sticks (bamboo skewers, chop sticks)
Armature wire for the spine
Chenille stems or pipe cleaners for the legs
Nymo thread or other strong thread to stitch on the eyes and embellishment beads
Thread Heaven or other thread conditioner is very helpful
E6000 or GOOP for gluing the teeth and horns
Doll needle
basic sewing supplies

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