Endless Loom™


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No warp ends to tie off! Created by Deb Moffett-Hall, This new loom is easily adjustable to make bracelets in a variety of sizes & styles: Wrap, Stretchy & even Clasp! Start with the clasp already attached & simply slide off a finished bracelet. Ornaments too! Simple to assemble, easy to use. Plus you can custom size the loom for a perfect fit. Smooth and lightweight wooden loom parts.

Make bracelets up to 9 x 3-1/2" wide. 

Package includes:

  • Loom end bars
  • Loom sizing rods: 5 bracelet sets and 1 ornament set
  • Easement/tension rods for different bead sizes & shapes
  • Latex-free elastic bands for quick loom assembly
  • Cute and durable roll-up case with convenient storage
  • Detailed instructions: assembly, warping, and weaving

To view how-to instructions & project ideas visit BeadSmith.

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