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This DIY floral pack comes with 10 items- 5 different floral designs (2 of each design), and mirrored, so you can stitch them onto mitts, fronts of blouses, etc. where you want them to be balanced on two sides.

All designs are pre-printed on a dissolving stabilizer. The dissolving stabilizer washes away in warm water, leaving nothing but your beautiful stitches behind – and no trace of the stabilizer at all!

Floral designs range in size from 2,75″ to 3.75″.

To use: Peel off the backing of the stick and stitch design, and press to the fabric you wish to stitch on. If you are stitching on a fuzzy fabric or knit, consider basting (a bit of running stitch round the edge of the stabilizer once it’s in place on your fabric) to help prevent it from wiggling around when you stitch. Remove the basting stitches when you’ve finished stitching your design.

Please Note:
No embroidery threads or stitch guides are included, as these are meant to let your creativity flow – you choose the type of stitches and colours. Your only limit is your imagination!

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