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On The Lighter Side - New Collection - Roll Up

Robert Kaufman

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Roll up (aka Jelly roll) of RK Studio's On The Lighter Side collection. This is the newest collection, with 20 new prints. This pack equals approximately 2.7 yards. This pack contains 40 strips (includes duplicates) of 2.5" x 44".

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Order of fabric in the Roll up:

RK-product SRK-19194-10 SRK-19194-10 PINK 

RK-product SRK-19199-3 SRK-19199-3 RED 

RK-product SRK-19192-8 SRK-19192-8 ORANGE 

RK-product SRK-19195-15 SRK-19195-15 IVORY 

RK-product SRK-19202-133 SRK-19202-133 GOLD 

RK-product SRK-19193-58 SRK-19193-58 CACTUS 

RK-product SRK-19198-7 SRK-19198-7 GREEN 

RK-product SRK-19195-4 SRK-19195-4 BLUE 

RK-product SRK-19197-4 SRK-19197-4 BLUE 

RK-product SRK-19201-300 SRK-19201-300 STORM 

RK-product SRK-19191-387 SRK-19191-387 BLUEPRINT 

RK-product SRK-19203-23 SRK-19203-23 LAVENDER 

RK-product SRK-19191-87 SRK-19191-87 SNOW 

RK-product SRK-19203-15 SRK-19203-15 IVORY 

RK-product SRK-19190-15 SRK-19190-15 IVORY 

RK-product SRK-19196-284 SRK-19196-284 BONE 

RK-product SRK-19200-15 SRK-19200-15 IVORY 

RK-product SRK-19192-1 SRK-19192-1 WHITE 

RK-product SRK-19202-1 SRK-19202-1 WHITE 

RK-product SRK-19196-12 SRK-19196-12 GREY

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