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Pen & Ink - New Collection - Roll Up - Robert Kaufman - Craft de Ville

Robert Kaufman

Pen & Ink - New Collection - Roll Up


Roll up (aka Jelly roll) of RK Studio's Pen and Ink collection. This is the newest version including some new prints! This pack equals approximately 2.7 yards. This pack contains 40 strips (includes duplicates) of 2.5" x 44".

Looking for some black & white project ideas? Click here!

Order of fabric in the Roll up:

RK-product SRK-19118-188 NEW SRK-19118-188 PEPPER

RK-product SRK-19116-188 NEW SRK-19116-188 PEPPER

RK-product SRK-19113-188 NEW SRK-19113-188 PEPPER

RK-product SRK-18392-188 SRK-18392-188 PEPPER

RK-product SRK-19114-1 NEW SRK-19114-1 WHITE

RK-product SRK-19116-1 NEW SRK-19116-1 WHITE

RK-product SRK-18313-1 SRK-18313-1 WHITE

RK-product SRK-19119-1 NEW SRK-19119-1 WHITE

RK-product SRK-18314-1 SRK-18314-1 WHITE 

RK-product SRK-19118-1 NEW SRK-19118-1 WHITE

RK-product SRK-18313-188 SRK-18313-188 PEPPER

RK-product SRK-18394-188 SRK-18394-188 PEPPER 

RK-product SRK-18314-188 SRK-18314-188 PEPPER

RK-product SRK-19114-188 NEW SRK-19114-188 PEPPER 

RK-product SRK-19115-188 NEW SRK-19115-188 PEPPER 

RK-product SRK-18393-188 SRK-18393-188 PEPPER 

RK-product SRK-19179-188 NEW SRK-19179-188 PEPPER 

RK-product SRK-18310-188 SRK-18310-188 PEPPER 

RK-product SRK-18312-188 SRK-18312-188 PEPPER 

RK-product SRK-19117-188 NEW SRK-19117-188 PEPPER 

RK-product SRK-19115-2 NEW SRK-19115-2 BLACK 

RK-product SRK-19114-2 NEW SRK-19114-2 BLACK

RK-product SRK-19116-2 NEW SRK-19116-2 BLACK 

RK-product SRK-18314-2 SRK-18314-2 BLACK 

RK-product SRK-18315-2 SRK-18315-2 BLACK 

RK-product SRK-18313-2 SRK-18313-2 BLACK 

RK-product SRK-18394-2 SRK-18394-2 BLACK 

RK-product SRK-19118-2 NEW SRK-19118-2 BLACK 

RK-product SRK-19113-2 NEW SRK-19113-2 BLACK 

RK-product SRK-18392-2 SRK-18392-2 BLACK 

RK-product SRK-19119-190 NEW SRK-19119-190 JET 

RK-product SRK-18314-190 SRK-18314-190 JET 

RK-product SRK-18313-190 SRK-18313-190 JET

RK-product SRK-19118-190 NEW SRK-19118-190 JET


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