TrueSharp Electric Blade Sharpener


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Stop wasting money replacing your cutter blades! Rotary cutters are great time saver tools. Sharp blades require less pressure to cut, giving you more accuracy and less chance of slipping, but blades can be expensive if you need to keep replacing them. This simple tool sharpens any brand of rotary blade from 28mm to 60mm in diameter. The TrueSharp Rotary Blade Sharpener is made with a long-lasting, high quality sharpening stone and even has non-slip feet keep the sharpener from moving while in use. No batteries are required, it plugs into a wall outlet. Save Money By Extending the Life of Your Rotary Blades Stop wasting money on new blades! Extend the life of the blades you already have with The TrueSharp Power Sharpener! The most common questions asked about any sharpener are "Does it really work?" and "Will it work with my brand of blade?" The answer to both of these questions is absolutely! Thanks to its high quality sharpening stones and powerful motor, the Truesharp hones the edges of your blade quickly. Another great feature of the Truesharp is that it will sharpen 28mm, 45mm, and 60mm blades of almost any brand! Even Fiskars and Olfa!

Kit Includes:

  • TrueSharp Sharpener
  • Power Cord
  • One set of fine-grit stones
  • One set of rough-grit stones
  • 5 ml bottle of blade sharpening oil
  • Blade handler
  • Cleaning Cloth

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