Crafternoons in the Park!

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Remember Crafternoons?

Crafternoons are a good excuse to hang out with some crafty folks! It's been SO LONG since the last one. As we continue be cautious and take advantage of the nice weather, I will be hosting Crafternoons in the Park a few time over the summer.

2 event currently scheduled! (weather permitting!)
Saturday June 25th
Saturday July 2nd

I know these are both holiday weekends, but what can you do?
You can come out and craft with us! 

Parc des Royaux, 2195 ave De Lormier is just a couple of blocks away from Craft de Ville. Come work on a crafty project, while socializing with fellow crafters! For previous events, we have been able to nab a picnic table, but if you want to bringing your own chair or blanket is not a bad idea either!

Seeing as these are outdoor events, hand work is highly recommended (ie no sewing machines available!) Hand stitching, embroidery, knitting, or whatever you like! All crafts and crafters are welcome!

Feel free to follow us in Facebook or Instagram! We will be posting there if there are any changes to the events (due to weather, etc)

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