TrueCut System - Part 3 - Rulers

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It may seem like isn't any way to improve on the standard quilting ruler. TrueCut certainly found a way! I seem to slip a lot when cutting fabric. Often I score the ruler which makes slipping happen more often, or worse, I cut the fabric in a way I didn't want. That wastes time and fabric! TrueCut's new rotary cutters now come with a groove that fits into the raised edge of their ruler.

[caption id="attachment_45" align="alignnone" width="300"]The new TrueCut rulers

Check out the raised edge on the ruler. The groove on the cutter is guided by this edge for a great cut.[/caption] The rulers are made with a high quality plastic and make cutting easy even if you are using a different kind of cutter. One problem remains... slipping.

For our last TrueCut post, we'll check out the new TrueCut TrueGrips.

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