Magical Crimping Tubes - 2mm x 2mm - 1/2oz


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Tube crimps to be used on flexible beading wire. Can be used with regular crimping pliers or Magicial Crimping Pliers!

How to use Crimp Tubes with a Crimping Plier:
At the first/last bead, jewelry wire is passed through the tube crimp, through the clasp or jump ring, then back through the tube crimp.

  • Step 1: The tube crimp is compressed in the rounding station to form it into an oval.
  • Step 2: The crimp is fully secured to the cord by squeezing it within the crimping station. Best results are obtained when the two wires are positioned on either side of the center dimple.
  • Step 3: The final shaping is done by turning the crimp 90°, centering it in the rounding station & squeezing it once more. The loose wire end can either be trimmed or threaded back into the bead.

2mm x 2mm
Choose your colour!

1/2oz = ~400 pieces
Assorted pack = ~500 pieces

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