Sashiko Stencils - #2 Crests, Borders & Classic Motifs

C&T Publishing

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9 Embroidery Designs 3” x 5”
Accurate Stitches & Spacing Every Time

Perfect your Sashiko style!

Following the popular Sashiko Stencils, Traditional Collection, this second set of sashiko stencils introduces nine more traditional Japanese designs. Use individual motifs or create a repeat border or “Kumon” (a circular Japanese Family Crest). These handy stencils will give you the confidence to start each sashiko project with accuracy and ease.

Patterns include: Cypress Fence, Pointed Ocean Wave, Chinese Lattice, Gingo, Shells, Wisteria, Pine, Bamboo Variation, and Wave Variation.

  • Easy-to-use stencils make learning Sashiko a breeze
  • Features 9 traditional Japanese designs
  • Position the stencil where desired, use a fabric marking pencil, mark your designs, and get stitching!

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