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Incipient Madness

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These magical unicorns have clothes pin legs, just like the Burro family! 

These are made with woven wool, but could be made vintage wool suits or blankets. They can also be made with buckskin or ultrasuede. Their manes are made of wool locks that are loosely felted into place.


  • 1/2 yard woven wool will make one unicorn and two babies
  • 4 regular size wooden doll pegs ( or clothes pins) for big burro
  • 8 mini clothes pins for 2 baby burros
  • 2 x 10 mm hematite beads for eyes for full sized unicorn
  • 4 x 6mm or 8mm hematite beads for eyes for two baby unicorns
  • 1 oz. washed sheared locks or wool roving for mane and tail
  • Nymo beading thread for attaching eyes
  • Poly-fil or wool roving for stuffing
  • Stuffing tool or chop sticks (One included with Poly-fil)
  • Felting needle
  • Regular sewing supplies
  • Turning Tubes or forceps help with turning

Amy uses a shell - big unicorn about 1 1/2”, small unicorn about 1”. You could also use a thin wooden dowel for the horn. Cut to length and whittle/sand a rounded point on one end. Or make a horn from polymer clay (ie Fimo, Sculpty, etc.) according to clay directions.

Optional - acrylic paint and fine glitter for hooves and horn embellishment

Need some legs? Get your legs here!

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