Crewel Embroidery Needles - Size 7 15 Pack Hand-Sewing

Crewel Embroidery Needles - Size 7 - 15 pack


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Crewel Embroidery needles are used on weft and warp fabrics from the thickest to the thinnest for all types of traditional embroidery. They have a big eye that makes it possible to thread the cotton embroidery floss (or yarns) through, which is thicker than a conventional sewing thread. The embroidery yarn is shinier and will give a relief aspect to your work.

Made in France at the Bohin factory, from nickel-plated steel, our needles go through 27 manufacturing stages, which guarantees an incomparable slide and an irreproachable tip. The numbering corresponds to the size of each needle, No. 1 being the longest and thickest one, and No. 10 the shortest and thinnest one of the series.

Pouch of 15 embroidery needles No. 7 for medium fabrics such as twill or crepe.

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