Dmc Soluble Canvas 14Ct - Clear 8 X 8.5 Interfacing

DMC Soluble Canvas 14ct - Clear - 8" x 8.5"


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DMC Water Soluble Canvas is an innovative clear canvas that allows you to stitch a design on to almost any fabric. Soluble Canvas is perfect for customizing home décor items such as cushions and pillows, as well as almost any clothing garment. The 14-count Soluble Canvas is used in exactly the same way as Aida when stitching. Choose a design, tack the canvas to the item or material and cross stitch as usual. lace the finished design in a bowl of hot water and the canvas disappears leaving you with a customized unique piece of clothing or home décor item. 

When you are going to stitch on water-soluble canvas you need embroidery yarn, a needle and a pair of scissors. Place the water-soluble canvas where you want your cross-stitch embroidery. Fix the canvas with a baste thread. Stitch your motif on the water-soluble canvas. Remove the baste thread before washing. Fill a bowl with water approx. 40 degrees and let it soak for 5-10 minutes. Rinse it very well afterwards. Follow the drying instruction of the clothes. Now you have your own beautiful embroidery. When you are going to stitch on a new coloured piece of fabric, it is a good idea to wash the fabric before stitching to avoid the colour to come off on the embroidery. When you have stitched on the fabric, you just follow the washing instruction, but make sure that the ends are sewed well.

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