Handmade Tibetan Bead - Special Pendant

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This special pendant has a story.

This amulet is a kind of vajra, which is a Buddhist symbol of divine agency and power. The simple stone represents the noumenal, transcendant view of the universe. Not dissimilar to a hindu Shiva Lingam (which is more a passive symbol, whereas the vajra is more dynamic.)

These amazing Tibetan beads have come a long way to our shop. Our amazing finder Michael found them in Thailand and brought them over for us. When they are gone, they are gone. We will never get any more of them! They are made of turquoise and red stone and since they are handmade. This one is unique.

There is only 1 in stock!

Approximately 36 mm long (42 mm with the bail) by 15 mm across at the widest and 8mm at the bottom. (1 3/8" long (1 5/8" with the bail) by 9/16" across at the widest and 5/16" at the bottom). 925 silver stamp on the bail

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