Handmade Tibetan Bead - Turquoise, Red Stone and Silver Hairpipe

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I never knew what a hairpipe was before I saw these arrived. They are really big, but that just makes them more spectacular! Use them as a focal, or heck, take a few of them and make a glorious fashion statement!

These amazing Tibetan beads have come a long way to our shop. Our amazing finder Michael found them in Thailand and brought them over for us. When they are gone, they are gone. We will never get any more of them! They are made of turquoise and red stone and since they are handmade, no 2 look exactly alike.

Approximately 43 mm long by 11 mm at its widest and 4mm at the ends. (1 11/16" long by 7/16" at its widest and 1/8"at the ends)

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