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Kelmscott Designs

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Paula from Kelmscott Designs writes: "I have been asked many times to design tiny scissors and the most common reason for this request is that stitchers love to produce many smalls or stitched scissor fobs, often stitching over 1 thread of linen. They want to display the stitched piece with a miniature pair of matching scissors and in fact never actually use the scissors for anything other than displaying purposes. All of my scissors do snip threads very well and that, along with their unique designs are their intended purpose. Certainly all of us have invested in a much more expensive pair of scissors for the cutting of our lovely linens, etc., but the feedback from stitchers regarding my scissors is that they are so reasonably priced, customers love to collect them, give them as part of stitching exchanges and as mentioned, do nothing with them except display all of their lovely smalls and fobs. I can't think of a better reason to design them!"

"You may notice that the shape of the handle holes is like a faceted emerald-shaped gem - that and the miniature size - just under 2", so they are airplane friendly, led me to call them Little Gems! People who have tried these out have been surprised that they can still fit their fingers in the handle holes and quickly snip a thread."

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Silver, Primitive (matte black),Red (DMC321), and Fuchsia (DMC 3608) 

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