Shell Rummel - Touchstones - Reflections in Clay

Free Spirit

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Please note this collection is digitally printed. 

"Each of us has our own unique touchstones… Those personal and powerful signposts along the way that confirm we are on the right path at different points in our life, giving us that A-HA! spark of validation. As a visual artist, I often find myself unexpectedly inspired by something that has caught my eye. Snapshot worthy moments spark and ignite the creative in me, evoking a memory or feeling… These touchstones consistently make their way into my artwork which is, after all, at the heart of all that I create. My newest collection, Touchstones, offers a glimpse into some of my most personal keepsake moments, whether it be a pebble or seashell that feels right in hand, a pressed ginkgo leaf that I tuck away and save, or a special sunrise/sunset view that reminds me of a meaningful moment in time. Touchstones is a companion collection to my Time & Tide fabrics, which so many of you lovingly collected. I hope you notice some beautiful connections between both collections."

Reflections in Clay
12" swatch
100% Cotton
Fabric width ~44/45" wide

Choose your fabric cut:
Fat Quarter (approx 18" x 21") or Half Yard (multiples will be cut as continuous piece).

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