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Soutache & Bead Embroidery Booklet


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Soutache & Bead Embroidery: Three Basic Shapes by Amee K. Sweet-McNamara.

While there is an infinite number of shapes that can be made with Soutache & Bead Embroidery, there are some basic shapes that get used again and again and there are Basic Techniques common to most designs.

The projects in this book are organized to teach the simplest shape (the Koala Face) first with the second (the Harp) being built off the first & the third (the Lily) being built off the second.

Each Basic Technique, when first introduced, will be explained in full. Each project in this book is designed to create a specific piece of jewelry (earrings, a necklace, a pin) but the real emphasis is meant to be the mastery of the shapes.

This softcover booklet has 24 pages and measures 5-1/2" x 8-1/2"

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