Thai Silver - Large Oval Turquoise Pendant

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One of the nice things about turquoise is that each stone is a little bit different. Our buyer Michael picked out the nicest pieces set in silver for these turquoise and silver pendants. One of these pendants has a textured bail, which adds a lovely flair. Set one on a silver chain for a simple necklace or incorporate into a large beaded creation for a spectacular effect.

These amazing Thai pendants have come a long way to our shop. Our amazing finder Michael found them in Thailand and brought them over for us. When they are gone, they are gone. We will never get any more of them! They are made of turquoise and silver and since they are handmade, no 2 look exactly alike.

Mottled with Textured Bail - approximately 22 mm long (28 mm with bail) by 14 mm across. (7/8" long (1 1/8" with the bail) by 9/16" across)

SOLD - Solid Green with Open Back - approximately 24 mm long (32 mm with bail) by 16 mm across. (15/16" long (1 1/4" with bail) by 5/8" across)

Stamped 925 on the back

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