Wizard, Forest God and Victorian Santa Pattern - Incipient Madness

Incipient Madness

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Wizard, Forest God and Victorian Santa - Supply List

  • Wool Locks for Hair and beard- 1 oz
  • Fat 1/8 muslin for head and hands (81/2” x 11”)
  • Fat 1/4 yd batik fabric for body and sleeves (17” x 22”)
  • Fat 1/4 yd fabric for over tunic (17” x 22”) organza, silk chiffon, tulle, scrim or rayon areall good choices.
  • Matching Thread for machine sewing
  • Poly-fil Stuffing
  • Beads and charms for decoration
  • 2 x 15mm Buttons for arm joints
  • Black micron pigma pen (fine)
  • Colored pencils - eye color and a pink or blush for lips and cheeks
  • Fine line mechanical pencil
  • White gel pen (jellyroll)
  • Regular sewing supplies - sewing machine, scissors, needles, pins.
  • 3” or 5” doll making needles 
  • #7 long darning needle or other needle for hand sewing
  • needle felting needle (for hair and beard) 
  • Stuffing tools -bamboo skewers,chopsticks or hemostats
  • 2 - 3” Piece of Bamboo skewer or 1/8th” dowel for neck support
  • Turning tubes
  • One knee high stocking for the doll weight
  • 1 cup of sand for doll weight -- A small bag of aquarium sand can be purchased at pet shops.

Any of the dolls may have a walking stick or wand -Driftwood sticks work well for this or purchase a dowel and paint with acrylic paints

The Wizard - Hat and cape - fat 1/4 of thin wool for the cape and hat

The Victorian Santa - Long vest -- Fat 1/8th of brocade or velvet fabric. Fur for Vest Trim and hat -- I used fur scraps -you need approximately 12” x 6” cut into 2”wide strips.

The Forest God - Armature wire for antlers - 18-20 gauge soft wire and Fimo clay to cover armature.

If you want to make a top hat, get the free add-on pattern here! (digital download only)

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