Aurifil Threads

As you know, the cost of just about everything is on the rise these days. The cost of Aurifil has risen for a second time since the beginning of the pandemic. You did not feel the last increase because I let it slide, however the time has come to adjust the Aurifil pricing.

The spools and kits that are currently in stock will stay at the current prices ($15.50 for the large spools and $59.95 for the cones) for the month of May.

At the end of the month, Color Builder 50WT Italian Cities (2020) will become $48.50. Color Builders 40WT Endangered Animals (2021) will become $50. However, the newest Color Builders 50WT Rainforest plants (2022) will stay at $45!

The price for colours not in stock have been increased to the new price of $17 for the 50WT and $17.50 for the 40WT, 28WT and 12WT large spools. The cones will be 65.95.

As of June 1st, all the prices will be adjusted to the new norm.
So now is a great time to stock on Aurifil before the prices increase!

Thank you for your understanding and support!

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