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Dahlia Milon

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Dahlia Milon Textile is an artisanal textile maker specializing in vegetable dyeing as well as a gardener who grows dye plants. In the preparation of her dyes, they mainly use plants from their dye plant garden as well as from the harvest of wild plants from Kamouraska area where their studio is located.

In order to have a rich color, which lasts through washing and lightfast , it is important to mordant your project before dyeing. Dahlia put together this kit with the aim of making this crucial step easier to learn.

This kit contains everything you need to wash and mordant 500g of plant fibers such as cotton, linen, hemp or viscose.
Your project maybe in the form of fabric or yarn.

Oak Gall /potassium extract mordanting kit alum contains:

  • A booklet and explanation (FR)
  • 10ml of neutral pH soap
  • 40g of oak gall extract (colorless tannin)
  • 125g of alum

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