Set of Dye Flowers - Dahlia Milon

Dahlia Milon

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Dahlia Milon Textile is an artisanal textile maker specializing in vegetable dyeing as well as a gardener who grows dye plants. In the preparation of her dyes, they mainly use plants from their dye plant garden as well as from the harvest of wild plants from Kamouraska area where their studio is located.

Selection of dye plants for botanical printing. This flower box is designed to allow you to carry out some botanical printing projects on the items of your choice.
You must mordant your own projects. See mordant kits!

The set includes:

  • an illustrated explanatory booklet
  • A link to an explanatory video
  • 5g Dyers’ Chamomile
  • 5g Sulfur Cosmos
  • 5g Tagetes erecta
  • 5g Tagetes patula
  • 5g Hollyhock
  • 5g Scabious
  • 5g Coreopsis
  • 5g Rudbeckia

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