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Silly Moon Quilting Co. is a Canadian designer and maker of excellent quilting rulers, located in beautiful British Columbia. They can be used on domestic sewing machines as well as on long-arm machines!

The Ultimate Spacing Tool!

Kellie from Silly Moon Quilting offers a new class using Spacey and Jelly - check it out here

  • Allows spacing of lines, arcs, circles or any free motion work (when using a 1/2" ruler foot).
  • Line up foot within "stops" and move from one stop to the next which will give you the spacing as indicated on the ruler (we have done the math for you to allow for your ruler foot!)
  • There is an * on one edge that indicates 1/4" - Use this to see where your ruler needs to be to ensure you are lined up at the end of your ruler
  • Precision machined from 1/4” clear acrylic
  • Markings accurate within .002” making it easy to line up and keep consistent spacing
  • All markings are engraved, rather than etched or screen printed, making them easy to see on any fabric
  • Markings will not wear off and they create slip resistance
  • Edges have been rounded to be comfortable in the hand – no sharp edges to hang onto!
  • Includes non-slip tape for additional resistance, that can be easily applied if desired
  • 1/4" thick can be used on longarm or domestic machine.  1/8" can be used on domestic machine with limited clearance behind ruler foot. (check out their YouTube video on this if you are unsure which thickness is best for you)

Don't have a ruler foot for your domestic machine? Get one here!

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