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Introducing the 2022 Color Builder Subscription, a capsule of 12 mini-collections created in celebration of Aurifil’s variegated thread. Aurifil produces 36 variegated thread colors; threads that contain multiple colors or multiple shades of one color. Twenty-four of these shades are represented in the 2022 program. Each set contains 3 large spools of 50wt — 2 variegated and 1 complementary solid. 

This year we’ve drawn our color inspiration from 12 breathtaking rainforest plants from the Amazon Water Lily and the Bird of Paradise to the Jade Vine and the Spider Lily. These plants are a representation of our earth’s most threatened tropical forests, largely affected by deforestation and climate change. For 2022, Aurifil has partnered with Rainforest Trust, an organization dedicated to the long-term protection of these forests. 

Rainforest Trust purchases and protects the most threatened tropical forests, saving endangered wildlife through partnerships and community engagement. Every action we take now to protect rainforest will have a lasting impact on the future by maintaining our planet’s critical ecosystems.

Amazon Water Lily

Victoria amazonica
Location: Amazon

Fun Facts:

  • The Amazon Water Lily is the largest water lily in the world with leaves can be up to 10ft wide.
  • Its blooms turn pink when the flower has been pollinated

Thread colors: 2515 – 3660 – 4660 (Light Orchid, Bubblegum, Pink Taffy)

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