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Following the success of the 2020 50WT Color Builders, Aurifil is pleased to announce a brand Color Builder for 2021. The new collection heralds and highlights the very first thread weight produced by Aurifil: 40wt. Like the previous Builders each mini-collection containing three large spools of 40wt thread -- a light, a medium, and a dark.

Wound on a bold green spool, Aurifil's 40wt/2ply thread is every bit as versatile as our 50wt but with just a bit more strength. 40wt is tremendous for sewing bags and garments, or for when a more defined topstitching or quilting pattern is desired. It is also our number one recommended weight for quilting and machine embroidery.

This year the color inspiration is drawn from 12 magnificent Endangered Species, currently in dire need of attention, advocacy, and compassion. Aurifil has partnered with Earth League International to help achieve these goals.

Thread colors: 2312 – 6010 – 2360 (Ermine, Toast, Chocolate)

Other kits: Sumatran ElephantRed Panda, Sea Turtle, Iberian Lynx, Pink Land Iguana, Whale Shark, Sumatran Tiger, African Wild Dog, Blue Throated Macaw Cross River Gorilla, African Penguin

Endangered Animal BOM FFP block included! (digital download)

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