Carolyn Friedlander - Languid - 21082 Green

Robert Kaufman

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Languid Luster - This is an exciting collection for Carolyn, because it uses a new fabrication technique. If you are familiar with Kona Sheen, this is a similar process, and the shine-factor is incorporated in two different ways. 

Some designs in the collection are made up of motifs created by the metallic sheen itself. She loves the variety in the applications and how they create such rich interest in the group. Plus, there’s something really fun to her about fairly simple and grounded sources of inspiration re-interpreted in a fancy light. Others designs feature a screen-printed motif on the fabric under an allover-shine on top.

21082 (Checker board) in Green
6" swatch (2" repeat)
Larger photo shows the full fabric width.
100% Cotton
Width of fabric ~44/45" wide

Choose your fabric cut:
Fat Quarter (approx 18" x 21") or Half Yard (multiples will be cut as continuous piece).

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