Craft de Ville Custom Tailor's Clapper

Bobcaygeon Woodworks

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Gift the special sewists and quilters in your life with these striking clappers!
Or treat yourself!

Made of solid maple hardwood and engraved with our logo on the top and the maker's logo at the end with a comfortable gripping groove on each side. These clappers will make an unforgettable impression!

These tailor's clappers are made by Dan of Bobcaygeon Woodworks in Ontario, Canada. 

- Our philosophy is a really simple one. Do what we enjoy for a living and provide the best premium quality products and service possible. 

The clappers are polished, then left untreated to allow the wood to wick moisture away from your projects. NOT Dishwasher safe! Clean with warm soapy water and rinse, a dishwasher will heat the oils out of the wood and destroy your clapper.

Made of solid hard maple and laser etched with our logo! 

Choose between 2 sizes of clapper.

7″ x 3″ x 1 .5″ and 12" x 2" x 1"

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