Gathering Colour - Caitlin ffrench

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In this inspiring and informative book, lifelong artist and longtime instructor Caitlin ffrench guides readers through exploring how to respectfully wildcraft or cultivate pigments from rocks, dirt and plants; and how to use those pigments in projects on paper, textiles and more. You will explore, you will experiment, you will play.

This book is for makers, artists, crafters and curious readers who want to connect nature, sustainability, and creativity by exploring and creating with the colour in the world you inhabit every day.

8" x 10"
160 pages

Printed in Canada on 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper.

Caitlin Ffrenchis a Canadian artist and instructor working with wildcrafted pigments from within the land bases she visits as a way to explore the connections between place and memory.

In her academic work, she explores parallels between her grief for the loss of landscapes and her grief for her body being disabled by multiple sclerosis. Caitlin lives in Vancouver, BC.

Gathering Colours Field Notebook sold separately!

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