Bohin Hand Sewing Needles - Assorted Needle Book


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Bohin needles are honed by tradition and finished to perfection. Creativity begins with BOHIN whose inspiration is for all needlework.

Needles used for standard sewing for light and medium fabrics, light yarns, cottons or wools. These needle books are composed of 20 sewing and short darner needles.

This assortment consists of:

  • 6 sharps needles No. 5
  • 6 sharps needles No. 7
  • 4 sharps needles No. 9
  • 2 short darners needles No. 3
  • 2 short darners needles No. 5.

It will give you all the flexibility you need to carry out all your sewing projects. The sharps needle for your everyday sewing work, the short darners needle for your mending work.

Choose the style of the needle book!
(Same needles in each book)

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