John James Crafters Collection - Quilting & Basting Assorted 16 Pack Darning Needles

John James Crafter's Collection - Quilting & Basting Assorted - 16 pack

John James

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John James Crafter's Collection Needles The Crafter's Collection is a brand new innovation in hand sewing needles, with carefully selected needle combinations which have never been available before in individually designed packs.

Envelope contents:
6 x Quilting size 7
5 x Quilting size 8

5 x Long Darner size 7

Basting is the art of joining layers of fabric and wadding together and this is done before commencing the art of quilting.

Ever wondered which needle to use? No need to search we have included a basting needle, also known as a long darner in this needle combination.

The needle is specifically designed in length to sew through the thickest combinations of fabrics.

Made in England.
Total of 16 needles

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