John James Crafters Collection - Tapestry Size 22/26 10 Pack Needles

John James Crafter's Collection - Tapestry Size 22/26 - 10 pack

John James

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John James Crafter's Collection Needles The Crafter's Collection is a brand new innovation in hand sewing needles, with carefully selected needle combinations which have never been available before in individually designed packs.

Envelope contents:
5 x Tapestry size 22
3 x Tapestry size 24

2 x Tapestry size 26

A classical combination no avid cross stitcher or beginner should be without and a must for every work basket. All sizes are suitable for a range of fabrics regardless of count and hpi (holes per inch).

The most popular size is a tapestry 24 however this kit enables you to experiment with a size 26.

Made in England.
Total of 10 needles

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