Leslie Tucker Jenison - Prairie Song Essex Blue Yonder Fabric

Leslie Tucker Jenison - Prairie Song Essex - Blue Yonder

Robert Kaufman

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Leslie Tucker Jenison is an artist who creates contemporary quilts and designs fabric by working directly onto cloth using ProcionMX fiber-reactive dye and paint.  Growing up in Kansas she was influenced early by her grandmother, a seamstress and quiltmaker.

Unconventional objects are frequently used to generate imagery.  Everyday observations of her garden and travels often inform her work. She is inspired by an eclectic mix of repeating shapes in both natural and man-made environments, street art in the form of graffiti, gritty layers of torn posters, paint, sprayed stencils, and cracks.

Prairie Song Essex - Blue Yonder
Printed on Linen (55% linen, 45% cotton)
10" swatch
Repeat: 24"
Width: ~43'' wide
Weight: 5.6 oz. per square yard

Choose your cut:
Fat quarter (approx 18" x 22) or half yard (continuous cut when multiples ordered)

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