Long Applique Needles - Size 9 15 Pack Appliqué

Bohin Long Applique Needles - Size 9 - 15 pack


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Bohin is renowned in Europe as one of the leading manufacturers of quality needles since 1833. High standards and innovative manufacturing techniques make these needles a popular choice for sewers and quilters.

Bohin needles have an exceptional polish for smooth glide through fabric. Their fine point minimizes holes and their eye is polished with an unique process to minimize breaking thread. Bohin Needles have maximum strength with minimum bending. 

Appliqué technique consists in sewing pieces of fabric of different shapes by superimposing them onto the patchwork to create a pattern. To do this, a very fine needle is required. There are two types of applique needles: short and long ones, to be chosen according to the desired comfort and what your hand is used to.

This package contains fifteen size 9 long appliqué needles.

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