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Merbunny Doll by Incipient Madness - Incipient Madness - Craft de Ville

Incipient Madness

Merbunny Doll by Incipient Madness


Some skeptics deny the existence of merbunnies - but they are wrong!
Found in cool northern coastal waters these shy creatures were created from green cashmere sweater accidentally shrunk in the dryer which is the only logical result, if you are Amy!

One of a kind dolls made by Amy Felske, aka Incipient Madness.

Incipient Madness' Merbunny is sewn with a body of woven wool and a tail of felted knitted wool with needle felted embellishments.
Choose you Merbunny by it's pose!

*Each doll is unique and may vary slightly from the photo.

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