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Merbunny Pattern - Incipient Madness

Incipient Madness

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Some skeptics deny the existence of merbunnies - but they are wrong!
Found in cool northern coastal waters these shy creatures were created from green cashmere sweater accidentally shrunk in the dryer which is the only logical result, if you are Amy!

Incipient Madness' Merbunny is sewn with a body of woven wool and a tail of felted knitted wool, with needle felted embellishments. The tail may also be sewn from woven wool fabric but the doll won’t be as chubby.

Supplies needed to complete your Merbunny
Quantities are for one merbunny (but with a fat eight of each fabric, you could make 3 merbunnies):

  • Tail Fabric - 10 “ x 4 1/2” scrap of fabric (woven wool or felted knitted wool)
  • Body Fabric - 10” x 41/2” scrap of fabric (woven wool)
  • 2 x 8mm hematite or black glass beads for eyes.
  • White wool roving for cheeks, black or pink wool roving for nose, mouth and optional ear embellishment
  • Poly-fil stuffing (*comes with a stuffing stick included!) or wool roving
  • Stuffing sticks (bamboo skewers, chop sticks)
  • Felting needle
  • Foampad for needle felting
  • Nymo threador other strong thread to stitch on the eyes
  • Thread Heaven or other thread conditioner is very helpful
  • Fishing line for hanging
  • basic sewing supplies
  • turning tubes or forceps are helpful

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