Morgan No-Slip Quilting Hoop - 12 Frames Hoops & Stretchers

Morgan No-Slip Quilting Hoop - 12"


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Frustrated with your current quilt hoop? Hoop tension is often a difficult thing to control, especially with a larger hoop. This innovative hoop series features a rim on the inside of the hoop that adds a bit more bite to hold your hoop contents taut.

No Slip Hoops have a unique tongue and groove configuration which holds the fabric securely between the inner and outer rings. There is no movement of the project until the outer ring is loosened and the project is removed from the inner ring-keeps your project taut while you are working on it. These products are designed to be used in quilting, rug hooking, cross stitching, needlepoint and other crafts.

12 inch plastic hoop
Made in USA.

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