Club Hauer - Mariana - Scallops by the Seashore in Aqua

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Club Hauer focuses on the whimsy and the natural. Taking elements from many aesthetic and decorative moments from art history and combines them with the natural world. When you sew with fabric from Club Hauer you are automatically a member!

Mariana -  When I was young, I saw a documentary about the deepest part of the ocean; Mariana's trench. This image of sea life has always stuck with me. In this collection, Mariana, I would like you to imagine that you are in your submarine looking through a window and discovering life in the vast ocean. As you work your way down, the background becomes darker, fading from light blues and mints to a bold black. You can see familiar faces, like horseshoe crabs and seashells, and look closely at plankton and lantern fish. The ocean is always a place of wonder and discovery, I hope you find something new and exciting with Mariana!

Scallops by the Seashore in Aqua
12" swatch (last photo, full repeat detail)
100% cotton
Fabric width ~44/45"

Choose your fabric cut:
Fat Quarter (approx 18" x 21") or Half Yard (multiples will be cut as continuous piece).


Designer Essentials Coordinates for the collection:

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