Sarah Golden - Century Prints Trellis Seedling In Oyster Fabric

Sarah Golden - Century Prints Trellis - Seedling in Oyster

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Sarah Golden is an artist and surface pattern designer living in Sacramento, California. Block printing is one of her favorite mediums to work in. Each design begins with a drawing, then transferred to a rubber block, carved, inked and printed. She also works in gouache, acrylic and watercolor. She prints her own fabric to use in her handmade wardrobe and quilting projects.

She has a deep love for Scandinavian design, a simple and clean aesthetic, vintage fabrics, geometrics and low volume prints. Chambray, linen and double gauze are her favorite fabrics, soft enough to wear against your neck (not itchy!) and lightweight enough to have a good drape is her go to. When she is working on a painting or drawing, she is always thinking about fabric, she is basically just crazy for textiles!

Century Prints Trellis
Seedling - Oyster
100% Cotton
Fabric width ~44/45" wide

Choose your fabric cut:
Fat Quarter (approx 18" x 21") or Half Yard (multiples will be cut as continuous piece).

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