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Designed for people with arthritis and other health challenges, SewTites Lite Bars are the same size as Minis, but have lower strength magnets so they're easier to slide apart.

Use SewTites Lite Bars when working on EPP projects and lightweight quilting and embroidery in the hoop projects.

SewTites Lite Bar Uses & Magnet Strength

To use, simply slide the magnet apart, align with the pieces you need to sew together, snap on the SewTites, and sew.

    • No more hand fatigue.
    • No more working around clips and pins.
    • No more moving clips and pins.

      Each package includes 5 SewTites Lite Bars
      SewTites Lite Bar Dimensions: 1.25" x .5" (32 x 12 mm)

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