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Sulky Solvy 3yd pkg


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This 3-yd Economy size is perfect for projects where you need a larger piece of Solvy. Sulky Solvy is like magic! It is the perfect temporary stabilizer that is a see-through transfer agent and will dissolve in water that is 33 degrees to 200 degrees. Use as a design template, as a pattern guide and a stitch support. Ideal when you do not want any stabilizer to show on top or bottom. Use as a topper on napped fabrics like towels to keep the loops or piles from poking through; also to prevent stitches from getting lost in any fabric and to enhance the clarity of fine lettering and detail stitching. All Sulky stabilizers are acid and lead free! 

Backing or Topping: Topping
Color Name: Clear
Hand Weight: Light
Permanent or Temporary: Temporary
Width: 19.25"
Yardage: 3 yds
Brand: Solvy
Removal Method: Wash-Away

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