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Brave the cold weather in style with the True North Cowl! Designed to keep your neck and ears toasty while also covering that annoying gap left by the zipper on your coat. This beginner-friendly pattern can be embellished and personalized in a huge variety of ways!

The True North cowl is an easy pattern that, with a few personal touches, produces a beautiful piece of cozy winter wear. It is larger than a traditional cowl, designed to give the wearer extra coverage at the front (so as to cover the gap you often get around the neck on a zippered or button-front winter coat), as well as around the neck and ears for added warmth. The closure is offset to produce a stylish asymmetrical look that also keeps the cowl from shifting during wear. Your choice of fabric, closure and embellishment make this pattern endlessly customizable.

This is the printed version. For the digital version, click here.

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