Tula Pink - Nightshade Déjà Vu - Mini Spider Blossom in Nerium

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Here is what Tula Pink has to say about the collection:

Nightshade is the newest installment in my annually released “Deja Vu” collection. The Deja Vu category is my way of giving people a new shot at an old collection that they might have missed.
Nightshade was originally released in 2011-2012 as a Halloween collection to much confusion, due to the lack of pumpkins and candy corn, and it has become a cult favorite over the years. Since it was originally marketed as a holiday collection and had a targeted release window it has become one of the most difficult to find collections in my catalogue.

Each sister is illustrated in the main print titled “Coven” and again in the new print called “Mini Coven” a scaled down version of the original which I hope you all find useful. I added a few other prints for the re-issue of Nightshade that I think will be really fun to sew with. A scaled down and more subtle version of Spider Blossoms will make a great non directional accent piece for the larger prints. Another piece making its debut is “Fishnets”. I thought that Scarlet needed a little something to show her sexy side since she is so buttoned up and shouldered with much responsibility. Fishnet is perfect for backgrounds and setting. I changed the black in the collection to a very deep purple that would be impossible to match to a solid so this print is my way of giving you that with a little something extra for fun.

This is Mini Spider Blossom in Nerium (New Print!)
Swatch 12"

Choose your fabric cut: 
Fat Quarter (approx 18" x 21") or Half Yard (multiples will be cut as continuous piece)

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