Simple Looped Earrings Kits

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We have set up some simple earring kits for you in the shop. There a few colour options to choose from.

Here are the instruction for the simple looped earrings. They are 3 tiered. You can always make them 2 tiered or single tiered if you like!

To get nice round loops, it take a bit of practice and a few tricks.

Step#1 - Take a headpin and slide one a bead.

Step#2 - Bend the headpin to 90 degrees (Depending on the headpin, you can this with your fingers or with chain nose pliers)

Step#3 - At this point, other tutorials will suggest you form you loop. Personally, I prefer to cut the wire now. Generally about 1/2" (1 cm) works well. Depending on the size of loop you want, you can play with that length. will be cutting headpin.

Step#4 - Time to create your loop! You will take the end of the wire with your round nose pliers and gently roll it into a loop. The tip of the round nose pliers is too smaller. I find that about a third of the way back from the tip is the right place. This will depending on your pliers. With a bit of practice you will find it!

Step#5 - For the second and third tier. You have a piece of wire you need to create an eyepin! So you are going to bend the wire approx. 1/2" or 1 cm from one end to 90 degrees. Then form a loop with your round nose pliers. It is now an eyepin. Repeat all the steps you did before.

Step#6 - For assembly you are going the open a loop you have created (like a jump ring) twisting it open not uncurling it! I usually start with the first one I made (the one that only has 1 loop) and connect one of the others (with 2 loops) and close that loop. Next move to the top loop of the bead you just added and repeat! The next step (you should you 3 beads connected) is to attach them to the earwire. This is done exactly the same way as added a bead! Tada! One completed earring. Now repeat to make the second one to make a pair!

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